Varna is the biggest city of the Black Sea Coast; it is also called the "sea capital". You can travel to Varna by car or by bus from the bus station - South of Burgas. The roads are of excellent condition, and it takes about 2.5 h /from Sozopol/ to Varna.

Sightseeing in Varna:
  • Cathedral of Saint Mary   

The church was built in the period 1883-1886 year and is the second largest in Bulgaria after the temple-monument "St. Alexander Nevski" in Sofia.
Address: Independence Square, Varna

  • Saint Anastasius Church
The church was built in the 18th century. It is remarkable for its icons, frescoes, altar and throne.
  • State Puppet Theatre - Varna
The theatre was established in 1952. It conducts annual Festival of Puppet Art "Golden Dolphin".
  • National Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium "Nicolaus Copernicus" - Varna:
In the observatory organise visits for citizens, explaining the basics of astronomy, as well as demonstrations of the starry sky.
Address: in the Sea Garden of Varna
  • The Sea Garden   
It is a symbol of Varna city. The visitors of the Sea Garden can see many sights including Aquarium; Dolphinarium, the Naval Museum and other garden have a size of about 800 acres, there's a zoo as well.
  • Festa Dolphinarium Varna 
Visitors to the Festa Dolphinarium Varna can enjoy a fantastic Dolphin show, which is held simultaneously in four languages: Bulgarian, German, Russian and English.
  •  Museum of Black Sea Aquarium 
The opening was in 1932. Reflect the colourful richness of the different types of fish, sea anemones, snails, molluscs, crabs and freshwater inhabitants.
Address: Sea Garden near the Military Maritime Museum
  • Summer Theatre   
The summer theatre in Varna is also located in the Sea Garden. On stage, various cultural events are organised.
The Central Baths and the Beach  
The central baths and the beach were built in the 20th century. These include hospital, water treatment and mud complex, two quays, several restaurants, discos and others.
Address: in Seaside Park  


  • Festival and Congress Centre - Varna
It is a beautiful modern building, which is formed by aluminium, glass and stone. Ever since, its inception has established itself as the centre of the most prestigious events in the arts and culture. There are a few scenes, a large bazaar, restaurant, shop and several meeting halls.
  • Archaeological Museum - Varna
It is included in the list of 100 National Tourist Sites and takes ninth place. The exhibition includes Prehistory, Antiquity, Middle Ages and has a separate annual exhibition of icons.
  • The Museum of History and Medicine
The museum of history and medicine is the only one in the Balkans. It saved more than 4,000 exhibits related to medicine than one time: books, tools, collections.
Address: Varna,  7 "Paraskeva Nicolau" str.
  • National Naval Museum
The visitors can see most preserved the important material foundation of the Bulgarian Navy today.
Address: Varna, 2 "Seaside"  bul.

  • Museum of the Renaissance
It was declared as a cultural monument. It shows the most important moments in the history of the city during the Renaissance.
Address: Varna, 21 "Zamenhof" str.
  • Evksinograd Palace
It is located 8 km north of Varna, near the beach. It is the oldest suburban residence of the Bulgarian rulers, known for its magnificent gardens monument park art world-class.

  • Aladzha Monastery
It is located 14km north of Varna. The monastery is one of the few rock monasteries in Bulgaria. The premises of the monastery are carved on two levels in about 40 meters high limestone rock. The monastery is an architectural monument of national importance.
  • Asparuhov bridge
Asparuhov Bridge is the longest bridge in Bulgaria - 2 km. This bridge is one of several from which you can jump bungee.


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