Burgas is the second - largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria. There is the second busiest International airport, the largest port in Bulgaria and the only oil port. Sozopol and Burgas are accessible by Highway for about 25-30 minutes by car. Buses are travelling to and from Burgas leave every half hour from Sozopol bus station to bus station- South of Burgas.
Sightseeing in Burgas
  • Sea Garden
Sea Garden in Burgas is located over the central beach. Here is summer theatre, which hosts various concerts, festivals and competitions, Cultural Centre "Casino", a space intended for art projects, exhibitions, performances, the summer cinema, exhibition centre "Flora", Festival of sand figures, and recreation and entertainments.

  •  Port of Burgas   
Public access covers from first to fourth berths. People can walk freely along the pier to visit the first Bulgarian lighthouse, to indulge in recreational fishing or enjoy the beautiful sea views. Here is situated the Port of Burgas, designed to service cruise ships. The oldest port warehouse "Magaziya 1." The future marine centre will serve passengers using the services of a coastal sailing to the island of St. Anastasia, walking in the Gulf and other marine communities.

  • Regional Historical Museum - Burgas   
Regional Historical Museum - Burgas is the biggest museum in south-east Bulgaria. It was created back in 1912. There are four major museum exhibitions located in beautiful buildings and monuments of the city.
  • Churches
- the Church of "St. Mary" (address: ul. "Tsar Peter" 5 Bourgas)
- The church of "St. Ivan Rilski" (address: ul. "Aleksandrovska" 149 Burgas)
- The church  of "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" ( address: ul. "St. St. Cyril and Methodius")
- Armenian church (address: ul. "Gen. Major Lermontov" 13) Art Gallery
  • "Petko Zadgorski" Art Gallery
is one of the oldest in Bulgaria. The exhibition is arranged over three floors. The gallery stores more than 2,000 works, of which: sculptures, graphics and painting.
telephone: +359 56 842 169
  • The Archaeological Museum – Burgas