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Central Beach of Sozopol
Резултат с изображение за централен плаж созополIt is located in the old part of the town and is one of the busiest beaches during the summer season. The bay is small the sea bottom is changing its depth smoothly and has excellent conditions for families with children. There are restaurants, marine attractions and entertainment for tourists. Selena Hotel is situated on the coast itself, and there is a direct approach to it.

Harmani Beach
Harmani beach is the southern beach of Sozopol. It is located in theСвързано изображениеnew part of the town in direction of camping Kavatsite. There are many sand dunes, and there are many seaside attractions and entertainment for the tourists. The coastal strip is busy day and night, and part of the nightlife of the town is concentrated there. There are many shops, restaurants and discos.
Golden Fish Beach/Camping

It is situated 3 km away northern of Sozopol. The bay is known for its fine sands and shallow coast; it is also called Royal Beach. The beach merges imperceptibly with the beach of camping Gardina.

Kavatsite Beach
It is situated 3 km away southern of Sozopol. This beach strip is long and wide, located between the two capes and with fine golden sands. The rocks which are at the beginning and end of the beach are a favourite spot for those who love underwater attractions. Close to the beach, there are many hotels, villas and places for camping.
Southern of Sozopol
  • Arcoutino Beach
Резултат с изображение за плаж аркутино снимкиРезултат с изображение за плаж аркутино снимкиIf you are looking for harmony, tranquillity and wildlife, Arcoutino beach is a perfect choice for you. One of the virgin beaches in Bulgaria with a large beach strip, water-warm and bright, with not so deep waters and fine and golden sands. It is just incredible beauty. The beach is located on the borders of Ropotamo Reserve between the two resorts - Dyuni and Primorsko. When you reach the beach, you will find breath-taking views of one of the five islands in the Black Sea, namely - Snake Island (St. Thomas Island) and if you have not seen wild cactus like Opuntia, this is the only place in Bulgaria, where you will have such an opportunity.
Near the beach is Bear Swamp (Arcoutino Swamp) where there are water-lilies, duckweed and yellow water-lily and other sightseeing in the area that you can visit are: Beglik Tash, Ropotamo river, Veleka river and Pomorie lake.
  • Arcoutino Swamp- Lagoon Reserve or better known as Bear Swamp is a swamp lagoon in the Burgas region, municipality of Primorsko. It is part of the Ropotamo reserve. Its area is 62.2 acres, depth 0.5 meters; salinity is 0.2%. Separated from the sea by sand dunes, you can see sand lilies in the beach. Beach is also called Arcoutino. From the Bay, you can see the fantastic view to Saint Toma Island - one of the places in Bulgaria where you can find wild Opuntia cacti. The major area of the water is covered with dense marsh Свързано изображениеvegetation, represented by different types of duckweed, swamp pink, cocksfoot, pondweed, reeds and bulrush. Here it is one of the richest fields of white and yellow water-lilies.
Only one part of the water area of Arcoutino is open, and the rest is covered with dense aquatic and marsh plants, represented by different types of duckweed, swamp pink, cocksfoot, pondweed. Here it is one of the richest deposits of white and yellow water-lily. Coastal areas are covered with reeds. The swamp is inhabited by rare fish - dwarf gambusia. Arcoutino is the main stopover of birds migratory route Via Pontica. Rare birds are nesting here.

Arcoutino along with the Silver Lake as part of the larger protected area "Ramsar site Ropotamo" is a wetland of international importance. After its next expansion in 2002, this area is called the "Ramsar site Ropotamo".
Резултат с изображение за мечешкото блато  снимки
Свързано изображение
  • Natural and Historical Phenomenon: Thracian Sanctuary Beglik Tash the area of Ropotamo / close to Primorsko / was discovered megalith Thracian Sanctuary Beglik Tash. There are the ruins of the ancient city Ranuli nearby, as Beglik Tash appears to be its sanctuary and is a central place, situated at the crossroad which connected the old town with the Gulf of St. Paraskeva, Ropotamo and today Primorsko.
It was built BC and functioned as sanctury to the V - th century AD. Most of the rock formations which form different compositions are of natural origin, but some of them are cut, and ritual signs can be seen. It is suggested that religious rituals express the cult to the God Sun and the Goddess Mother. Rock in the shape of inverted heart was used to hide the ceremonies of immediate and unwanted observers.
The rocky maze between two high cliffs is unique and narrow and is with a height of 9 m and is oriented east-west. It does not let anyone because the pass gets narrower at its eastern end. The one who gets through it was amongst the chosen and righteous. It is associated with the legend of Orpheus and his descent into the underworld of Hades. When you step between the sheer walls, you get a weird feeling.
During some investigations, it was found that the rock sanctuary performed as a calendar clock and observatory, carved holes in the rocks were found, at solstice and equinox the sun rays illuminate these points.

  • Veleka River
Veleka is the largest river in Strandzha, starts from Turkey and enters in Bulgaria with beautiful ravines. The mouth of Veleka River was declared as a protected area. There are seven fish which are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria (a list of endangered species in the country): eel (Anguilla Anguilla); wild carp (Cyprinus carpio); common roach (Rutilus rutilus); rainbowfish (Atherina Hepsetus); Danube bleak (Chalcalburnus Chalcoides), etc. The river is navigable 8 km from its mouth to Tzarsko well in this section is exciting for fans of water tourism.
Veleka beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria. It is located in the village of Sinemorets, at the mouth of Veleka river. The little piece of paradise is located in an isolated place. The area is incredibly beautiful and brings a sense of peace and tranquillity. Because of the unusual location, holidaymakers can bathe as in the sea as in the colder waters of the river.
  • The Village of Rezovo and Rezovo River
Image result for река резовска снимкиRezovo is the furthest southern point of the country as Rezovo river is the border between Bulgaria and Turkey almost all its length. Rezovo is a different resort from any other of Bulgarian Black Sea coast. What makes this place unique is the presence of more nature surroundings more than man-made structures. Rezovo is a tourist attraction. During the day, it is visited by many people who come to see the furthest southern point of Bulgaria.
The village is situated on high cliffs and to get to the beach it is necessary to cross a steep path. The beach is small and quiet. There are also opportunities for boat trips at sea and places Small and Big Kastrich where you can see small caves and big "bear". There are also horse riding options, where professionals can train the beginners.
Other sites near Sozopol
  • Saint Anastasia Island - Burgas
Свързано изображениеOn the territory of the warm and beautiful southern coast, between two famous capes, St. Anastasia Atia is a picturesque little scary island of St. Anastasiya. It is about seven kilometres from Burgas, probably formed from the volcanic eruption the island has an area of 8.5 acres and a height of 12 meters and is the largest in the territory of Bulgaria. The island is shrouded in mystery, for it spread legends. In 1924, the island became a prison. The sturdy stone walls of the former monastery were turned into collar prison fortress for political prisoners. After 1944, the dark prison was transformed into a museum, and the island was named Bolshevik, that name is known today, although after the democratic changes his return to the old name of St. Anastasia.   
Today, the island has completely transformed the place of the monastery, and the dreadful prison was rebuilt as a hotel, church, rooms for the night and a small restaurant, the silence in the unique nature can enjoy the enchanting seascape. In 2001, the island of St. Anastasia was declared as an archaeological reserve after extensive studies of historical events which had been taken there. For its rich and ancient history testify discovered during excavations antiques from 5-6 century. The access to the mysterious island today become a tourist attraction. Tourists can get there on a boat or a small ship from the ports of Burgas, Nessebar, Pomorie.
  • Strandzha Nature Park
TСвързано изображениеhe largest protected territory in Bulgaria, with an area of ​​1161 square kilometres, offers a unique chance to see the largest preserved deciduous forest complex in Europe. Only here on the continent are preserved typical late Tertiary (2 million years ago). These woods are the last remaining temperate forests with evergreen laurel undergrowth in Europe. They cover 80% of the area of ​​the park. Ancient forests are 30% of forests in the protected areas - three times the national average! In natural areas of old forests - the most valuable conservation value habitats - commonly found trees of eastern durmast, oak, beech and east Strandzha oak with diameters from 1.5 - 2.0 m and over 500 years.
In the Nature Park, you can explore with the greatest diversity of species of fish, amphibians and reptiles, birds, mammals and vascular plants in the country. In Europe; to encounter the remains of Thracian tombs; to enjoy the blooming rhododendron; in May, to wade in the crystal clear rivers, enjoy the old folk customs and traditions have survived from antiquity and preserved with love in Strandzha villages.Свързано изображение





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