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Classical massage:
1. Relaxing massage: Massage which removes the tension of the nerves
and the stress.

  • Complete                                                                  
    50 min - 75 lv

  • partial (back, legs or arms)                                         
    30 min - 50 lv

2. Restorative massage: Massage, which once performed by our therapists,  will recover your power balance.

  • Complete                                                                  
    50 min - 85 lv

  • partial ( back & arms)                                                
    30 min - 55 lv

3. Curative massage: This massage will remove all pains from your body.
The product of aroma therapy we use, rapidly relieves pains, warms up, strengthens your immunity and eliminates the tension of the nerves and the tiredness in your body.

  • Complete                                                                  
    60 min - 85 lv

  • partial ( back & arms)                                                
    35 min - 55 lv


4. Cosmetic massage (face & lower neck & neck)                       
25 min - 50 lv
5. Cosmetic massage mask (face & neck & neck)                      
30 min - 55 lv
Facial massage, enhancing the regenerative processes of the skin with visible rejuvenating effect. Types of masks:
- Hydrating - skin regains freshness.
- Chocolate - restores skin elasticity.
- Regenerating complex with Q10 - rejuvenates and refreshes.
- Cleaning with natural honey.
6. Massage the scalp (scalp)                                             
18 min -  35 lv

7. Reflex massage (hands & feet)                                      
20 min - 45 lv
Foot massage is contraindicated for varicose veins

8. Exfoliation body massage                                          
15 min - 30 lv
9. Balinese massage - relaxing massage with aromatic oils, which combines techniques from East and West, improves sleep and reduces anxiety. Favorable for painful joints and trauma.                   
50 min - 85 lv
10. Ayurveda - abhianga massage - this massage is a ritual for the whole body,unique technique of balance and relaxation. This massage tones the muscles,improves processes of detoxification, circulation and the nervous system. Restores body and increases the quality of sleep and vitality of the skin.
50 min - 85 lv
1. CHOCOLATE THERAPY: A real pleasure trough re-mineralization of the skin and elimination of the tiredness. Exfoliation by coffee, point massage of the whole body  and face, an incredible mask of the whole body made by chocolate.                                                                       
60 min -  95 lv

2. IN VINO VERITAS THERAPY: A rejuvenating therapy.The large quantity of polyphenols connect the free radicals protect the skin against aging and help with extraction of the toxins from your body. The massage product vitalizes, warms up, nourishes, moisturizes and creates delight during the massage.
60 min - 90 lv

3. ANTICELLULOTE –SLIMMING THERAPY: Free your body from the accumulated fat as well as from the unnecessary cellulite with the use of natural products                                    
70 min - 100 lv

4. THERAPY WITH HONEY: An unforgettable pleasure. Tender peeling, honey massage of the whole body, which exfoliates, energizes and enriches the skin. This therapy will completely purify your system from toxins and revitalize your skin. Not only you will feel the therapeutical effect of the honey, but also you will grant your body with health, and your skin will gain velvet-softness and smoothness 
60 min - 95 lv
- tranquility and relaxation – This massage is performed with orange essential oil, which removes the tension of the nerves, the sense of anxiety, of fear, the stress and insomnia; which normalizes the high pressure, helps with increase of your working capacity and with concentration of your attention, thanks to its deep pervasive capacity and its therapeutical effect. Take time off to relax after this massage!                                                   
50 min - 85 lv
- tonicity and rehabilitation – Through this massage the lemon essential oil warms up, stimulates the emission of unhealthy substances from the system; normalizes the low pressure; contributes to the cell renewal ; gives strength and elasticity of the skin.                                                   
50 min - 85 lv

6. VOLCANIC STONE AND SEA STONE THERAPY: A completely purifying, re-minalizing and relaxing therapy. A genuine invitation for a full relaxation. The hot stones are positioned at particular points of the body, they unlock the energy zones and thereby eliminate the accumulated tension.
75 min - 100 lv

7. THERAPY "BULGARIAN ROSE" :Aroma therapy oil rose notorious containing over 1600 components, pearl extract, ceramides. Three-tier care body consisting of scrub, mask and moisturizing massage that affect all your senses to grant you with a soft, soothed skin with enhanced security features and good looks.
60 min - 100 lv

8. THERAPY with Black sea lye: The Black sea lye is a final product from the salty lakes of the Black sea. The unique healing virtues are due to it’s rich mineral and organic structure such as magnesium, potassium , sodium, sulfur , chlorine , zinc, iodine and etc. The healing effect is proved for many diseases like:Injuries of the musculoskeletal system – rheumatic and neurological Joint pain, arthritis, arthrosis, neuralgia, plexitis, disc hernia and etc.
60 min - 100 lv

Partial APPLICATION with a compress from Black sea lye on the problem area
30 min – 55 lv

9. COLLAGEN Q-10 ENZYME THERAPY: Massage product which enhances collagen synthesis in the skin, and naturally regulates its moisture donating more elastic and youthful appearance.                 
60 min - 85 lv


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